We are pleased to announce the formation of THE ADS GROUP, a new company combining Digital Excellence/ Precision Powerhouse/ Advanced Duplication Services. Together we are the most complete resource in the optical media industry--better, stronger and even more ready to serve you!

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Reproducing Quality

Digital Excellence creates and manufactures top-quality CD, DVD, video and cassette products.

DE can provide selected services or produce your entire media project, from concept to order fulfillment. Our many services include:

Many of our customers rely on us for the extra services we offer. Can't find a translator? We can. Don't know how to get music clearances? We do. Can't tell a glass master from a glass harmonica? We can help. Is your master less than perfect? Often we can do a little digital magic to make your product sound better.

Whatever your media needs, you can expect our highly experienced technical, manufacturing and customer service organization to provide you with outstanding products your customers will love.

Got a question? Need a quote? Send E-mail to sales@digx.com or contact us by phone at 1-800-608-8008.

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